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Cloud Wars Founder Bob Evans Headlines Debut Episode of The Platform Rules

Episode 1. Rule 1: It's All About the Industry. Listen to our debut episode of The Platform Rules with guest Bob Evans, founder & curator of the Cloud Wars Top 10.

“If customers get any indication from a software company that they’re not going to move at the speed the customer wants, they’ll drop them like a bad habit.”

That’s according to Bob Evans, Chief Content Officer and Co-Founder of Acceleration Economy, who recently shared his wide-ranging industry insights on our debut episode of Platform Rules: Digital Transformation for Product Companies.

In conversation with Propel CMO Dario Ambrosini, Evans expands on this and other projections about changing customer behavior amid the quickly advancing shift to industry cloud solutions.

“With customer requirements, expectations, and desires, big businesses in every industry have to do things today they’ve never done before. They’ve got to do them faster, more intimately, more engagingly and with more of a data foundation. The traditional applications were fine but they were never meant to do this.”

"If customers get any indication from a software company that they’re not going to move at the speed the customer wants, they’ll drop them like a bad habit."

Evans created the Cloud Wars Top 10 list, an analytical overview and continuously maintained ranking of the world’s most influential tech companies in the digital economy.

Throughout the episode’s instructive discussion, he dives into the reasons he believes the top 10 companies earned these spots. 

“The architecture within the big cloud applications is allowing companies to make enhancements on-the-fly based on feedback they’re getting at mind-numbing speed… The winners are going to be the ones who are most bullish about ensuring customers about what the future is going to be like.”

When asked to make a “big bold prediction” about what role cloud solutions will play in product companies over the next five years, Evans is emphatic that “industry clouds are going to continue to have a phenomenal growth rate.”

Overwhelming, the thread Evans weaves throughout the conversation is that a shift to cloud solutions is not a passing phase.

“Once you kick this door open, there’s no way to close it.”

Click here to listen to the full episode, or hit play below.

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