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Building a Transformation Culture (Dmitriy Geler)

Episode 15. Rule 15: Embrace Change to Drive Growth. BekaertDeslee's Dmitriy Geler details the intricate journey of reshaping an established company's path to success.

In this episode of The Platform Rules podcast, host Dario Ambrosini is joined by guest Dmitriy Geler, VP of NPI Engineering and Transformation at BekaertDeslee.

As his title suggests, Geler is no stranger to the ins and outs of what it takes for business transformation to be successful. Listen to hear why mastering the art of business transformation is a skill that takes clear-eyed focus and adaptability, especially when challenges arise—and what rewarding outcomes you can expect on the other side.

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Valuable Takeaways:

1. Embrace change and adapt your strategy based on feedback and market signals

2. Focus on customer-centric culture to enhance overall success

3. Prioritize talent acquisition to bring fresh perspectives and innovation

Key Insights:

On the Evolution of Business:

"It's like a hundred plus year old startup. It's harder than a startup because in a startup, you haven't built your core foundation of culture or processes. When a company is very well established and you're trying to move at the speed of a startup, that's a lot of friction. So you have to come in with that mindset, right? You have to know what you're walking into and just be honest with yourself."

On the Importance of Culture:

"We keep saying that, within our organization, the journey is the success of it. You realize that your iterations are the success you wanted in that transformation. Because if you're not changing your strategy based on the inputs you're getting, you're not going to be set up for success."

On Sustainable Business Practices:

"The ask is there, but it's not about being sustainable. It's about being profitably sustainable because we all need to make sure this is a profitable business model. That would drive the true sustainability of that product itself."

On Driving Inventory Reduction:

"Implementing that lifecycle management process and mindset and then implementing certain metrics around that... it all started because of talent. We brought in specific key experts. The transformation's impact comes from the people. When we put this influx of talent across all levels, that's really the result."

For more from Geler, watch his session from Propulsion 2022 "Revenue Growth in a Build Anywhere, Buy Anywhere, Sell Anywhere World."

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