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Elevating with Einstein: Reflections on Dreamforce 2023

As Salesforce unveiled the future of enterprise software, Propel was there, capturing every insight. Here are our key learnings from Dreamforce 2023.

Dreamforce 2023 was a whirlwind of innovation, insights, and inspiration. As always, Salesforce showcased its vision for the future and this year was particularly monumental. Among the technological revelations and invaluable connections, the Propel team was in the thick of it all. 

Here are our top takeaways from this year's event and how we expect them to enhance the power of modern product management:

AI, Trust, and Genuine Impact: The Cornerstones of the Future

Cloud-native, flexible, and secure data platforms are fundamentally reshaping the business landscape. With AI evolving at lightning speed, it's imperative that businesses jump now or get left behind. 

Salesforce's Einstein AI was the much-anticipated centerpiece of the conference, and for good reason. AI is delivering a superior customer experience, and there's nothing artificial about its impact. Product companies ready to embrace AI will capture its transformative value—enhancing customer experiences and driving exponential growth. 

However, the salient theme of the Day 1 Keynote was trust. Just as data security is important to Salesforce users at large, it’s also a business imperative for Propel users. The world currently thinks of AI as primarily open-source “data lake” tools aggregating information with no privacy assurances. That’s not going to work for enterprise and manufacturing leaders eager to harness the power of their data but keep it secure at the same time.

Salesforce made it crystal clear their aim is to build solutions that their customers—and by extension Propel’s—can trust, ensuring transparency, security, and reliability throughout the platform. As we progress with these advancements trust and genuine value will be the central focus for all Einstein AI users.

Business is Driven By Community

When it comes to enterprise tech, the word “ecosystem” brings to mind the intricate battery of interconnected solutions that make a business run. It's true that the emphasis on integrating product data with customer data within the Salesforce ecosystem was a key takeaway. But what we discovered during the week was the original meaning of the word is just as profound in business outcomes—that is, a network of strong partnerships. 

Before Dreamforce even began, we hit the ground running with our colleagues in the manufacturing space. Alongside our partner Uptima, we co-hosted the Day 0 Manufacturing Summit at The Factory, Uptima’s exclusive meeting space for manufacturing professionals running throughout Dreamforce week.

That first day, we mingled with more than 60 manufacturing customers, showcasing the innovation we and our partners are delivering on the Salesforce platform. The Factory proved a resounding success, demonstrating among other things, the importance of fostering a sense of community and collaboration when it comes to this tight-knit industry.

Dreamforce 2023 was a testament to the strength, potential, and dynamism of the Salesforce ecosystem, and Propel is proud to be situated among the innovative ecosystem of ISVs. The power of the platform, through the innovation of amazing partners, enables staggering ways to build composable business applications. This composability yields emergent capabilities that are just not possible using standalone business applications that are not tightly integrated.

Together, we're not just creating tools; we're actively contributing, integrating, and innovating within this ecosystem. 

Reconnecting and Reinventing

Though the excitement around Einstein AI was the feature of the conference, the Manufacturing Keynote proved to be a goldmine of opportunities. Enhancements to Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud prove the world is moving in the direction that’s driven Propel from that start: modern solutions have to evolve beyond simply managing manufacturing processes and focus on enriching the product record and fostering collaboration across teams. The future of manufacturing is digital, integrated, and collaborative.

Dreamforce is more than just a tech event. For many, it’s a reunion, a chance to reconnect with colleagues and partners. These personal connections, combined with the technological insights gained, made Dreamforce 2023 a truly unique experience. That and the shockingly convincing Bono impersonator. 

Here’s to the future…

Dreamforce 2023 was a whirlwind of insights, innovations, and invaluable connections. We had the privilege of meeting with incredible partners and customers, forging and strengthening connections that will undoubtedly shape Propel's future. 

But the biggest revelation is the transformative potential of Salesforce's AI platform, and we at Propel are already gearing up. We're in the early stages of introducing generative AI capabilities, leveraging the Salesforce platform. This means more advanced features, smarter solutions, and enhanced value for our customers. The future of AI in business is bright, and Propel is at the forefront.

Learn more about the innovation driven by Propel by exploring our customers’ stories and watching the latest demos here.

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Fun Fact: Steven has been to over 25 countries in less than 10 years.

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