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Moving Fast and Nimble to Improve Patient Outcomes

Guardant Health’s revolutionary approach to cancer detection and treatment is saving lives—and the company is embracing continuous digital transformation to increase efficiency as it scales.

The Propulsion 2023 session "Moving Fast and Nimble to Improve Patient Outcomes" features an interview with Guardant Health's Kumud Kalia, COO Oncology and CIO; Ravi Jogi, VP of Business Applications; and Darl Moreland, Enterprise Sr. VP of Regulatory, Operations & Quality in conversation with Propel CEO Ross Meyercord.


  • KALIA: “The business value of a solution is the amount of time saved around the company for people doing repetitive tasks, and to automate as much of that as possible to give them back time to do more patient-facing activity.”
  • MORELAND: "We chose Propel because we had had a legacy system that really wasn't meeting the needs of our business. And, as our business grew, we've grown from a single-product, single-site organization to a multi-product, multi-site, global, international environment. We needed a more flexible program to help us segregate data, understand data, define how we move forward. One of our binding tenets is to defeat cancer with data, and Propel seemed to be the right solution and right the people to do it."
  • JOGI: "When we measured the previous- and the after-steps between before and after implementing Propel, we concluded we saved about 27,000 hours."

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