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PLM and the Future of Manufacturing

Forrester VP & principal analyst George Lawrie explains how some PLM providers are delivering big innovation pushes to meet customer needs of today and tomorrow.

The Propulsion 2023 session "PLM and the Future of Manufacturing" features a conversation with George Lawrie, VP/Principal Analyst at Forrester, and Propel's VP of Product Marketing Tom Shoemaker.


  • "PLM is stretching to both support both asset intensive and asset light manufacturing. What do I mean by that? Asset intensive is what we are used to. So people who heat things up, drill things, cast things—you need a lot of equipment. But there's also asset light manufacturing and that's probably the fastest growing. Think about consumer electronics or what's happening with life science devices. You're normally working with contract manufacturers. So for PLM to stretch to both of those, that's the challenge."
  • "West coast manufacturing is going to lead to a different type of understanding of how we source. Will we end up with an offshore nearshore and onshore combination? Yes, probably. And to do that, we're going to have to be able to support both types of PLM and the companies that we work with, some of which do one kind, some of which do another kind, and some of which are doing some kind of hybridization."
  • "PLM has long broken out of its engineering services homeland. Now, it's an enterprise system. What's critical, if you want to be successful in a new product, you need to sell it before you've built it. And that means your marketing, your sales, your customers need to be involved."

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