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Tech-Clarity: Drive Growth by Connecting the Digital Thread Through Product Commercialization

An excerpt of Tech-Clarity’s recent report entitled “Drive Growth by Connecting the Digital Thread Through Product Commercialization.”

The leading independent market research firm Tech-Clarity published a commentary on the need to remain flexible and consistent to provide a more compelling product experience is imperative in today's fast-paced world.

In particular, the report covers how disconnected data leads to major losses in money and time, a diminishing company reputation, launched delays, and missed marketing opportunities.

Read an excerpt:

"The Need for Technical Data

Commercial teams, including product managers, brand managers, channel managers, merchandisers, content managers, and others, all need trusted technical data to do their jobs. They need information such as bills of materials (BOMs), drawings, and technical specifications to develop and support marketing claims, approved copy, warranty information, and more. The sooner they get this information the more valuable it is, so they can work in parallel with technical resources. It is nearly impossible to meet today’s aggressive go-to-market goals if they sit waiting for information before designs are finalized and released.
The status quo in most companies doesn’t support concurrent work. The challenge is aggregating this technical information from a variety of different sources and ensuring commercial teams maintain visibility as the product definition changes over time. Data must be clearly identified with the source and version history for downstream teams to easily recognize changes and the associated impacts."

Click here to read Tech-Clarity’s full report, “Drive Growth by Connecting the Digital Thread Through Product Commercialization."

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Jill Mueller
Director of Product Marketing, Propel

Jill has a passion for bringing brands to life to drive strategic growth. Her experience in both retail and manufacturing provides a strong balance of marketing, development, and production knowledge. Most recently, Jill worked with private-equity-backed firms to identify and execute market growth opportunities, including channel expansion, product category launches, and global supply chain improvements.

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