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The Power of In-Person: Learning, Service, and Team Building

Coming together as a company is about more than just aligning on business goals, it’s about building the bonds required to meet them. Part of our blog series “The CEO Lens.”

Our blog series “The CEO Lens” chronicles insights from Ross Meyercord’s learned experiences as CEO of Propel Software.

Strong organizational health is still one of the best predictors of a companies’ ability to create value and remain competitive, according to McKinsey & Co.

They explain that, “Organizational health comprises three elements: how well the entire organization rallies around a common vision and strategy, how well the organization executes its strategy, and how well the organization innovates and renews itself over time.”

At Propel Software, our annual Company Kickoff is a cornerstone of our organizational health — the annual booster shot that reinforces our spirit of collaboration, engagement, and innovation.

In a rare and invaluable opportunity for the entire company to come together, our annual Kickoff is a chance to reaffirm our values, our goals, and our commitment to not only succeeding in the business realm but also making a positive impact on the world around us. 

A Week of Insightful Learning and Strategic Vision

The week was packed with insights focused on our strategic direction for FY25, diving deep into the key metrics that steer our business, and fostering discussions on what truly drives engagement within our team. Contributions from our board, investors, and customers provided essential external perspectives, grounding our strategies in real-world insights. The exciting plans we heard for both our product and go-to-market this year made everyone both confident and eager to hit the ground running.

Making a Difference: Our Community Impact

Outside the office, we had wall-to-wall bonding events planned, such as team meals, cocktail hours, karaoke, and more. While I learned that our collective bowling skills may leave room for improvement, there’s a wealth of talent at this company.

My favorite of these events was our volunteering shift at Second Harvest of Silicon Valley. The team spent three hours packing a record-breaking 91,500 lbs of produce to support families in the area. It’s staggering to learn the extent of need right in our own neighborhoods, and the fact that over 3,600 families will benefit from fresh fruits and vegetables because of our efforts is incredibly rewarding.  I know most of us, myself included, had some sore muscles and joints afterward but it felt good to know it was all for a good cause.

The spirit of competition was wholly embraced by all three teams vying to pack the most produce, but collaboration proved just as crucial. It was inspiring to see how each team identified and addressed bottlenecks in their workflows, optimizing production without needing direction. This self-driven problem-solving is the essence of our 'One Propel' philosophy, showcasing our collective intelligence and adaptability.

Looking Forward with Optimism and Resolve

Every year it seems, the most memorable aspect of Company Kickoff is the opportunity to strengthen bonds and forge new ones. The chance for team members to meet in person, sometimes for the first time, sparked countless impromptu discussions and problem-solving sessions that are simply harder to replicate virtually. I consider these interactions the building blocks of a strong, cohesive company culture leading into FY25.

As we reflect on the week, the overwhelming sentiment is one of excitement, confidence, and inspiration. With a clear strategic direction, a commitment to making a difference, and a newly reenergized team, we are poised to meet and exceed our goals for the year ahead. Together, as One Propel, we are ready to take on the challenges and opportunities that await.

As we move forward into FY25, we do so with a renewed sense of purpose, ready to embrace the future and all the possibilities it holds.

In case you missed it, check out the previous installment of the CEO Lens “Handling Unforeseen Customer Issues: 10 Lessons from a Frequent Traveler.”

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Ross Meyercord
CEO, Propel

Ross Meyercord is CEO of Propel Software, a SaaS provider dedicated to helping high tech, medtech and consumer goods companies build compelling and profitable products. Throughout his 30+ year career, Meyercord has worked in a variety of capacities, including directly with manufacturers to implement PLM and QMS solutions, managed global technology organizations, and has been instrumental in guiding customer-facing teams to increase customer success and drive corporate growth.

Fun Fact: When not working or with family, you will likely find Ross on the tennis courts.

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