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The Powerful Efficiency Gains of Extensibility

Imagine the possibilities of a flexible, role-based user interface for your enterprise software—with no programming needed. Propel's VP of Engineering, Kishore Subramanian, explains the magic of extensibility in this Converged Conversation.

The literal definition of extensibility is very much how it sounds, “the ability to extend.” When you’re applying this definition to the world of industry cloud solutions, we’re talking about extending power and reducing effort. Updates can be made with mere clicks—no code. Anyone can do it.

Perhaps most crucially, an extensible platform enables customers to rapidly adjust their product strategies and execution under all circumstances—including the next disruption.

That’s why implementing an extensible software solution is the most robust action you can take to future-proof your business needs against any challenges down the road.

Learn more how extensibility can fortify your business in Kishore's article How Extensibility Combats Disruption.

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Post by
Kishore Subramanian
CTO, Propel

Kishore hails from Google, where he was a Sr. Software Engineer. At Google, he most recently worked on a Java/Kotlin library for the Google Assistant and led key areas for the Files Go Android App and Google Web Designer. His previous experience includes senior engineering roles at Motorola Mobility, JackBe and Agile Software.

Fun Fact: Kishore led the team that built Agile PLM's first web-based user interface.

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