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Empowering Creativity: The Magic Behind No Code Tools (Kishore Subramanian)

Episode 12. Rule 12: The No Code Revolution. How to unlock your business users' creativity by lowering the barrier to software development.

In this episode of The Platform Rules podcast, host Dario Ambrosini sits down with Propel's VP of Engineering Kishore Subramanian.

Learn how low code and no code solutions are empowering business domain experts, enabling them to create software without coding skills. Kishore details the deep value driven by these types of tools, including faster execution, lower costs, and freeing up IT to focus on big-picture strategy and product innovation.

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Valuable Takeaways:

1. Lower the barrier for creativity across your organization

2. Implement robust security guardrails

3. Prioritize flexibility and adaptability

Key Insights:

"The best way to describe no-code tools is using the example of Legos, where you have these Lego blocks... and you can bring these together to create something completely new, completely custom."

"No-code solutions are unlocking the hidden potential of business domain experts who know what they want. They lower the barrier so users are able to take their existing skill set and they're able to get a lot more done. It kind of democratizes this data and unlocks the data that's sitting in all these different systems... obviously leading to faster execution."

"Always start with the business need. See what you're trying to solve. And at the same time, how important is flexibility for you? Extensibility? Do you foresee that in the future? Do you need it today—to adapt to the changing business needs?... By adopting the latest technology as well as unlocking the power of your own creative workforce, you serve the needs of your business better."

For more on the benefits of no-code solutions, read Kishore's article "No Code, No Problem: The Enterprise UI Revolution."

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