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Grow Efficiently with Data Visibility, Collaboration, and Speed | Salesforce Manufacturing Summit 2024

How did Savant Systems increase revenue by 35% in two years? Find out in this presentation from the 2nd annual Salesforce Manufacturing Summit.

This session provides a glimpse into the forefront of innovation with Savant Systems, a leader in the smart home and smart power solutions and parent company of GE Lighting. Part of the 2nd Annual Salesforce Manufacturing Summit, we were honored to host a session that brought together industry leaders and motivated product innovators.

Propel's Dario Ambrosini hosted the session with featured speakers from Savant: Angela Larson, General Manager of Professional Solutions, and Beth LeClerc, Vice President of Business Systems Architecture & Web Services. As close collaborative partners in the business, they were able to provide a deep dive into the transformative strategies that have positioned Savant as a pioneer in the smart technology landscape.

Impactful Results Achieved by Savant Systems:

Learn how Savant Systems leverages the power of Salesforce and Propel platforms to drive exceptional innovation in both their products and processes. The session illuminates the practical applications of these platforms in accelerating growth and efficiency in a competitive market.

  • A staggering 74% reduction in time-to-market, demonstrating unparalleled efficiency in product launches.
  • An impressive 35% revenue growth over two years, showcasing the financial success driven by innovative strategies.
  • A 50% reduction in order-entry and account management labor, significantly streamlining operations.
  • Over 1,000 hours saved in customer service, enhancing customer satisfaction and operational productivity.

Connect your entire organization to see results like Savant's. The Propel platform empowers your team to continuously innovate and bring products to market faster –> See how it works.

Join Us in Leading the Smart Manufacturing Revolution

This event was more than a presentation; it was an opportunity to connect with pioneers and like-minded professionals passionate about the future of smart manufacturing technology.

Stay ahead of the curve in technology and innovation. Discover the secrets behind Savant Systems' success and how you can apply these strategies to propel your business forward. Read the full Savant Systems story here.

Interested in learning more about how Propel and the Salesforce platform can transform your business? Get a demo of the solution.

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Dario Ambrosini
CMO, Propel

Dario is a senior marketing and operations executive with 10+ years of venture-backed SaaS experience. He has held roles in enterprise and small business marketing at Manta, Switchfly, Yahoo! and American Express.

Fun Fact: He grew up in the United States and Italy.

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