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How to Use Product Information to Capture Your Market (Jill Mueller and Mark Boles)

Episode 14. Rule 14: Transform Product Data into Market Success. A comprehensive look into the PIM industry landscape, and how modern PIM improves time-to-market and customer satisfaction.

In this episode of The Platform Rules podcast, host Dario Ambrosini is joined by guests Jill Mueller, Director of Product Marketing at Propel, and Mark Boles, PIM industry veteran.

Looking for actionable insights for mastering PIM and driving business growth? Whether you're a marketer striving for consistent and accurate data across all channels or a product manager aiming to streamline workflows, this episode not only goes deep into unpacking the advantages of modern PIM software, it also goes wide, exploring today's PIM industry landscape.

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Valuable Takeaways:

1. Save marketers from channel innovation complexities

2. Set up product information to flow both up and downstream

3. Prioritize user adoption for successful enrichment

Key Insights:

JILL: "Marketing folks like things nice and pretty and shiny and clickable. Getting adoption out of those everyday users has been a struggle for traditional systems. If you're out there shopping and your need is really in this area, a big thing to look for is something that has that horsepower of those data management providers, but with integration capabilities that are going to allow you to work with other systems that have a more friendly user interface and something that's familiar and simple for those daily users to pick it up and build it into their business processes."

MARK: "With the explosion of channels, you're not just dealing with few retailers anymore. It introduces mounds of complexity in the requirements of each of these. So that's where PIM is really shining and creating that consistent view. As companies are getting on this train, or they've been on this train and understanding these logistical nightmares that can occur, PIM is incredibly important. And it's not just for a consumer packaged goods (CPG) company, it's for medical devices, apparel, hard goods. It's really running the gamut. If you've got a product to sell, you need to be concerned about it."

JILL: "What we see with Propel is a lot of information flowing the other way as well. We want to bring the voice of the customer back into all of our product information. So we have much more of an idea of a two-way flow happening that those Connector modules today just aren't allowing for."

MARK: "The goal of PIM is to increase your throughput and reduce your time to market. Your outbound is the most important aspect of PIM aside from your data integrity. And so when you're going through and interviewing your team members and gathering requirements for an RFP, make sure that your endpoints are one of your heaviest focuses for why you want to get a PIM."

To learn more, check out this robust read on the value of modern PIM solutions called, "The Untapped Power of Next-Gen PIM."

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