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Oracle Introduces Psychic Services to Help Agile PLM Users Manage Uncertainty

After the Agile PLM user base was shaken by Oracle’s end of life announcement, their new offering, FutureSight, is designed to predict the next unexpected roadmap change.


Austin, TX – Oracle today announced the launch of FutureSight, an unparalleled customer support initiative offering psychic services for Agile Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) users. 

This comes on the heels of the unexpected removal of Agile PLM version 9.3.7 from Oracle’s roadmap in October 2023, making 9.3.6 the end of the development road.

Oracle's FutureSight Psychic Services aims to shed light on the looming uncertainties faced by Agile PLM users. Through the offering, users will gain insights into critical future occurrences, such as:

  • Identifying the next feature to be phased out from Oracle's product roadmap
  • Understanding how their current PLM systems might lag as the world moves towards cloud-native solutions
  • Predicting the next crash of their instance

This initiative underscores the precarious position of Agile users in an era where technological advancements occur at a breakneck pace.

A Happy Medium: Foresight of Pitfalls to Come

The primary goal of FutureSight is not just to highlight potential pitfalls but to stress the importance of foresight in today's fast-evolving technological landscape. 

“In my career as a psychic, I’ve encountered a myriad of challenges, but none quite as intricate as illuminating the path for users of Agile PLM software. Their software is rife with potential pitfalls—from evolving security threats to the relentless pace of technological innovation leaving legacy systems behind. For Agile users, these aren’t just hypothetical scenarios; they’re impending realities,” said Esmeralda P. Jones, FutureSight’s Lead Psychic and Director of Locating Hidden Data.

By anticipating the most significant challenges—whether it be the inability to leverage AI, dealing with siloed data, or enduring inefficient workflows—FutureSight allows Agile PLM users to be better prepared for the next unexpected problem caused by relying on outdated software whose last major release came over 7 years ago.

Additionally, Oracle aims to use these psychic predictions to reveal the hidden costs associated with Agile PLM. With system maintenance fees racking up, performance degradation, and ongoing security risks, FutureSight can help provide an estimate for the potential expenses so businesses can start saving up now.

Cloud PLM That Doesn’t Require a Psychic

As the PLM landscape continues to evolve, the focus will increasingly shift towards cloud-native platforms such as Propel PLM, which meet current operational needs, anticipate disruption with real-time data, and adapt to future challenges. 

Propel PLM's lack of psychic services is not only a missed opportunity to access monthly horoscope updates, it's also a deliberate and telling decision. Propel has brazenly set a new standard for what it means to be future-ready in the PLM space. 

No psychic is needed to predict the frustration of Agile users who have seen the once-great system increasingly unable to meet their needs due to a lack of innovation to keep pace with a changing world. 

For businesses looking towards the horizon, the choice is becoming clearer: 

Either leap forward into the future with cloud-native technologies that promise to not only be adaptable but to fuel growth and innovation… or stay with Agile PLM and hope for the best at your next palm reading.

For more information, click here to explore the next generation of PLM, or ask the team for a personalized reading of your future enterprise solution.

Note: This is a fictional press release intended entirely for entertainment purposes and is not representative of the actual products, services, or business practices of Oracle, Agile PLM, or any companies associated with these brands. Happy April Fools!

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