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Sustainability: A Crisis Needing Leadership and Change

Two sustainability leaders share how ESG is impacting business practices, and what companies must do to make a real impact for future generations. Featuring leading experts Kevin O'Marah and Ralph Loura.

The Propulsion 2023 session "Sustainability: A Crisis Needing Leadership and Change" features a panel discussion with Kevin O'Marah, co-founder of Zero100, and Ralph Loura, Chairman of the Board for, led by Propel's Chief Strategy Officer Ray Hein.


  • O'MARAH: "How do I regenerate my insights about strategic decision-making? My plan for this last month, quarter, year taught me something. If I regenerate my insights, refine my model—and this is where AI is gonna come into the conversation—how do I automate and accelerate the learning from experience as represented in reality?"
  • O'MARAH: "Frankly, the one who really owns a lot of the decision-making is functional planners. They're one of the strongest buyer voices out there right now. That's an area where tech spending is rising with regard to effective manufacturing—equipment buying and tech-enabling the production facilities."
  • LOURA: "People are talking about large language, ChatGPT, AI, and how that will change the workplace. I agree there will be a profound impact, but it's worthless without someone asking a question... The same is true for sustainability. if I'm not thoughtful but how this plays end-to-end and I'm not measuring the right KPIs, I'm not going to end up with the outcome I truly want."
  • LOURA: "A lot of folks are sitting around waiting because 'there's some smart persons working on this, right?' Thinking 'I'm not smart enough to do this.' Well, no. It is you. You're the dude. It's your job. There are a bunch of people sitting around thinking 'I'm in a traditional industry, this doesn't apply to me.' Well, it does, and it will sooner than you think it will."

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