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The Device Enabled and Connected Healthcare Ecosystem

As technology accelerates product innovation cycles, medtech companies are aligning with providers on the continuum of care. Featuring Salesforce's Dr. J. Cris Salinas.

The Propulsion 2023 session "The Device Enabled and Connected Healthcare Ecosystem" features a presentation by Dr. J. Cris Salinas, Global Head of MedTech Advisory and Innovation at Salesforce followed by a Q&A with Propel's Director of Product Marketing Jill Mueller.


  • "Something that's important to note: about 3% of revenue will be lost because of poor demand planning. While most people focus on the sales aspect, the marketing aspect, of that commercial plan, overall demand planning back into the manufacturing arm is really key."
  • "You need to bring in real world data, which will ultimately drive real world evidence. Make sure you're sharing content specific to not only that market, but that community, that geography, so they know exactly what they're getting from every single product or device."
  • "Upstream and downstream teams have to make sure they're working together from day one, from the moment they've identified that there's an opportunity to bring a product or a solution to market, to make sure that they're sharing that data back and forth, and that they're also not only looking at that data as one, but that they're sharing feedback and insights that are coming in from the field as those products are early launched."

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