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5 Trends in Successful UX Design with Salesforce’s Adam Doti

Episode 5. Rule 5: The UX Matters. What is thick & thin design? Consequence scanning? Why do you need Design Ops? Stay ahead of the curve with these trends in UX Design from Salesforce's Adam Doti.

For years, User Experience design for enterprise software was at the bottom of the priority pile. Luckily, trends are beginning to shift as Adam Doti, VP/Principal Design Architect for Salesforce, can attest.

He recently joined Propel CMO Dario Ambrosini as a guest on our podcast The Platform Rules: Digital Transformation for Product Companies to chat about trends we can expect for successful enterprise UX design.

Click here to listen to the full episode, or hit play below.

With his 30 year career in UX design and 10 years with Salesforce, Doti is positioned at the forefront of his field. He told us the best practices in UX design right now, and where trends are headed.

Successful UX approaches we’re seeing now

1. Design Ops Implementation

“Rewind about 10 years, operational stuff was put on the individual designer to manage themselves and their own workload, leaving no space left for the craft. Really the goal [of Design Ops] is to organize the people process… to take that off the plate of the designer so they can do what they do best.”

2. Low-code/No-code Design

“There’s been a demand from the market that more people want to roll their sleeves up and design their own solutions, their own websites, or their own app. But with low-code/no-code, there's a lot of complexity underneath the hood. 

“The moment there is a human involved, mistakes can be made – at Salesforce, that’s why we have a milestone we call “consequence scanning.” It's where you pause for a minute and think about all the ways where maybe this could go sideways or maybe it could cause harm when we intended it to cause good. Let's just think this through for a second versus just rushing to ship.”

3. Designing for the casual user

“Design for the person that uses it once every four months and their familiarity with it is not all that great. If you try to optimize for the person that's using the platform every day, you're going to cut corners, because you're going to be thinking, ‘oh, they already know about this.’”

What’s in store?

4. Chief Design Officers/Design Leadership

“Having an advocate at the level of the Chief Technical Officer or Chief Product Officer to ensure that the best in great design is being done at the company has been very effective in market trends. “

5. Thick vs thin design

“Thin design is when you're completing a transaction in the flow of something like iMessage – through literally messaging on your phone, versus firing up the website and logging in and trying to navigate. You're going to see a lot of enterprise software companies try to move into this thin realm and try to downplay these behemoth enterprise apps and behemoth CRM.” 

Listen to all of Doti’s insights into the future of enterprise UX design.

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