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Unlocking Business Value With Digital Transformation

Savant Systems, the leader in premium smart home products and parent of GE Lighting, is using technology and innovation to disrupt a 100-year-old market. Featuring Savant's Angie Larson and Beth LeClerc.

The Propulsion 2023 session "Unlocking Business Value With Digital Transformation" features an interview with Savant System's Angie Larson, SVP of Customer Ops, and Beth LeClerc, VP of Business Systems Architecture & Web Services in conversation with Propel CO Dario Ambrosini.


  • LARSON: "After 20 years in the smart home space, about three years ago we acquired GE Lighting. And you think about GE lighting as this giant out in the space, right? And they are with what they've been able to achieve—they're operational scale is impressive and massive. What it delivered into our laps from a systems perspective—is can we take both that spirit of innovation, necessity of speed to market and tie that with this massive operational scale. Can we bring those two cultures together, not only from a company cultural perspective, but from a systems perspective to help bring everyone together."
  • LARSON: "Early on, we were definitely in data overload. But we've moved our business not from just data overload, but serving up daily analytics to actually help us make decisions without data overload—which can actually lead you to the wrong decision."
  • LECLERC: "We start with investing in our people first. All the people that deliver on the business system applications—they don't just learn how to write code or engineer software, they truly get immersed in the reasons why we're doing things. They understand the customer experience and they understand the internal user experiences. So they have an understanding when they're going to build the technology solutions, why we're building them, what the deliverable actually is, how it impacts the user—both the internal and the external user experience."
  • LECLERC: "We all need to be on the same page. There can't be silos in the business. We all have to be in that boat, rowing at the same speed together, and these business applications have really helped us get where we needed to be."

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