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Why Customer Success is Mutually Beneficial

Providing strategic value at every stage of the implementation process is the key to achieving mutual success. Propel's VP of Customer Success Mary De Frenchi elaborates in this Converged Conversation.

Customer success is not solely the responsibility of CSMs or any single department, rather it’s an entire company initiative that starts on the front lines with prospects and extends through to advocates on the other end. The companies that miss in this effort are the ones that are siloed, leaving success teams unsupported. What customers expect from companies today is:

  • Responsiveness and engagement
  • To be heard and acknowledged
  • Personalized guidance and recommendations
  • Trusted partnership

It’s entirely possible for customers to be satisfied, but not successful. This is where a company’s true intentions come in. With the many products that are being delivered to market everyday, we know satisfaction is just one part of the equation. Your customers deserve more; and so do ours.

In this Converged Conversation, VP of Customer Success for Propel, Mary De Frenchi, explains why the customer journey should be designed to provide value at every step of the way.

Read all about Propel's customer success in philosophy in Mary's article Our Success is Your Success.

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Post by
Mary De Frenchi
VP of Customer Success, Propel

Mary has been in the software industry for over 20 years. She was Global Head of Customer Success and Sales at BoardVantage. She grew the customer base to over 2,000 customers globally prior to being sold in 2015 to Nasdaq. Mary has held various marketing and sales leadership roles at Veeva, Nasdaq, Interwoven and Genesys.

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