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A Shortcut Through the Marketing Maze (The Power of PIM)

Product Information Management (PIM) is a powerful shortcut for marketers in a rapidly evolving omnichannel market. Director of Product Marketing Jill Mueller explains how it works in this Converged Conversation.

Without a central source of product truth, tracking down accurate and up-to-date information can feel like running a maze in search of that elusive piece of cheese. Marketers must wind through one path to find a small crumb of information, then backtrack, and chase a different team until all of the dots are connected.

Director of Product Marketing at Propel Jill Mueller explains how to not only conquer this maze, but to create a direct shortcut that's both flexible and customizable for any business needs.

She covers:

  • Why product marketing can sometimes feel like being stuck in a maze
  • Lesser known types of product data that are crucial to creating a rich content experience
  • 2 types of customer data necessary to enhancing product experiences
  • Tangible consequences to the marketing maze
  • The way out of this maze

For more on PIM, read Jill's blog post The Untapped Power of Next-Gen PIM.

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Post by
Jill Mueller
Director of Product Marketing, Propel

Jill has a passion for bringing brands to life to drive strategic growth. Her experience in both retail and manufacturing provides a strong balance of marketing, development, and production knowledge. Most recently, Jill worked with private-equity-backed firms to identify and execute market growth opportunities, including channel expansion, product category launches, and global supply chain improvements.

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