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Adopt Early to Help Your Startup Scale-Up (Sandeep Lad)

Episode 13. Rule 13: Adopt Early, Go to Market Faster. Tips for implementing digital solutions with user buy-in and why it's never too early to start future-proofing.

In this episode of The Platform Rules podcast, host Dario Ambrosini sits down with Diality's Director of Quality Sandeep Lad.

For startups especially, efficiency is paramount. Lad discusses the importance of early adoption of digital solutions, emphasizing the key benefits of reduced errors, ease of information retrieval, and cross-functional collaboration.

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Valuable Takeaways:

1. Emphasize user input for continuous process improvement

2. Ensure your software can adapt to your needs

3. Prioritize solutions that can grow with your company

Key Insights:

"You don't work for the software; the software should work for you. We've seen examples of processes constrained by the tool because the tool somehow dictates everything, but it should be the other way around. The tool should be nimble enough to adapt to your processes."

"The key thing is making sure what you do is completely aligned with all of the other functional stakeholders. One of the things we found very useful was that when we came up with processes, we did it as a cross-functional brainstorming because it's important to understand the user's view. The biggest piece of advice that I would give is think about it from [the users'] perspective when designing a quality system or compliance process from the ground up, because it really helps in how they're adopted. And if you can get the other functions to champion these processes because it's really helping them achieve what they're looking to achieve, then that's a winning rule of play."

"We knew that certain processes have to get modified to fit the other tool and the overall time and cost it takes in order to migrate records and documents and workflows into an electronic solution. So in order to avoid a long implementation—because for a startup company that can be detrimental if we have to go through that process—we wanted to make sure that we select a solution that we can scale up and that we have a lot of buy in right off the get go."

For more on the advantage of Propel's modern compliance management features, check out the article "Streamlining Compliance: The Modern Approach to Quality Validation."

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