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Fast Tracking Fitness Innovation: TRX's Rapid Implementation Journey with Propel PLM

Innovation has always been central to the TRX story. Now they can innovate even faster after implementing Propel PLM in just three weeks.

Anyone from fitness fanatics to casual gym-goers recognizes the brand name TRX (Total Resistance Exercises). 

The widely recognized suspension training company is known for its robust, easy-to-use fitness equipment. The quality of TRX products sets them apart, providing durable and effective tools for fitness enthusiasts worldwide. 

Originally the brainchild of Randy Hetrick, a former Navy Seal, the TRX system was developed to maintain peak physical conditioning on long military flights. Now, TRX has grown into a powerhouse in the fitness industry. 

From its flagship suspension trainers to a comprehensive suite of gym equipment, and now a digital app that brings expert coaching to users' fingertips—innovation is central to the organization.

This drive to innovate extends beyond products into their strategic processes. Here’s how they recently doubled down on their internal innovation by implementing a product lifecycle management (PLM) solution in just three weeks.

Rapid Implementation and Immediate Value with Propel

Recently, TRX has been revitalizing its approach under new leadership, aiming to rebuild and expand. With a focus on enhancing their operational efficiencies and product offerings, TRX partnered with Propel Software to implement their state-of-the-art PLM system. This move was strategic, aiming to harness Propel's capabilities to streamline product lifecycle management and foster a culture of rapid innovation.

One of the most critical elements of TRX's strategy with Propel was the adoption of their unique JetStart program, which promises and delivers a fast go-live timeline—remarkably, in as little as three weeks. This rapid implementation is not typical in the PLM industry, where extended timelines are the norm. 

Propel’s JetStart program, also referred to as the “Accelerated Value Services” program, is effective because of its structured yet flexible approach, allowing TRX to quickly leverage the cloud-native PLM’s best practices without the burdensome need for heavy customization.

Propel's PLM has equipped TRX with powerful new tools to manage their product data more efficiently. The integration facilitates better coordination across teams, from engineering to marketing, ensuring that everyone works from a single source of truth. 

This cohesion is critical for TRX as they plan to expand their product lines, enhance existing offerings, and onboard new team members across product development and go-to-market functions. With Propel, TRX is poised to roll out innovations faster, supported by streamlined processes and improved collaboration among departments and with suppliers.

Advice for a Swift PLM Go-Live

For organizations looking to replicate TRX’s success with a PLM system, the key is simplicity. 

Here are a few essential tips to keep in mind:

  • Keep the project scope manageable. Companies should aim for a phased approach, prioritizing essential features first to gain quick wins and build internal support before expanding the system's scope.
  • Assemble a core team. Engaging a dedicated project manager and maintaining focused team involvement is essential both during the decision-making and software implementation process. 
  • Start with a trial. Aligning expectations and confirming system capabilities during the decision-making process can significantly smooth the actual implementation and adoption. 

Setting a New Standard for PLM Efficiency

TRX’s journey with Propel’s PLM system is more than a success story—it's a benchmark for the industry. By achieving operational readiness within three weeks, TRX has demonstrated that the right technology partnership can result in unprecedented speed to value, challenging the traditional timelines associated with PLM implementations. 

This efficiency has empowered TRX to not only streamline their processes but also accelerate innovation, keeping them at the forefront of the fitness equipment industry.

Are you ready to see how Propel PLM can transform your product lifecycle management and help you achieve similar results? Reach out to our team to learn more about the JetStart program and start your journey toward rapid, measurable value. 

Learn how you can fast-track your time to value. Get a demo of Propel PLM today.

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Srinath Ganesh
Account Executive, Propel

Srinath Ganesh is a seasoned Account Executive who assists medical device and high-tech manufacturers in designing, manufacturing, marketing, selling, and servicing complex products using Propel's product success platform. He takes pride in enabling clients to realize their visions effortlessly, unencumbered by obsolete tools and processes. His expertise helps clients intuitively collaborate on all product, sales, and service-related data within a unified platform, optimizing their operations and achieving market success.

Fun Fact: Sri is an active euphonium player, ultimate player, and Toastmaster!

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