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Designing for Sustainability from the Start (Michelle Stone)

Episode 16. Rule 16: Solutions for Sustainable Leadership. PLM veteran Michelle Stone shares best practices when it comes to driving sustainable product development.

In this episode of The Platform Rules podcast, host Dario Ambrosini is joined by guest Michelle Stone, Senior Product Manager at Propel.

Sustainability initiatives are only as effective as the company’s commitment to drive change. Working for 6 different PLMs over 25 years, Michelle Stone knows well what it takes for these initiatives to succeed—and what challenges can get in the way. Listen as we discuss the impact of sustainability on profitability, the importance of early consideration, and how gamification and digital solutions drive change.

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Valuable Takeaways:

1. Prioritize environmental impact in the design stage

2. Gamify sustainable design to engage stakeholders

3. Leverage existing frameworks and communities to drive change

Key Insights:

On Incorporating Sustainability Early:

"If 80 percent of the environmental impact is going to be decided in the design phase, there's no way to make up for that. If you don't get the design phase right, it's just impossible. It can't just be an afterthought. It's not something that comes later. That's one thing to keep in mind – can you use these systems to think about these green requirements earlier in the development cycle?"

On Leveraging Existing Tools:

"You probably already have these tools in place. Sustainability is about just leveraging them in a different way or putting a little more process around it."

On Learning from Others:

"Don't reinvent the wheel. Look at what's out there... I'm sure whatever you're working on, there's a community out there, so leverage them. See how other people are doing it and get some advice rather than trying to do everything from scratch. I mean, reduce, reuse, recycle, right? Recycle something somebody else is doing, reduce your workload, reuse it."

Learn more about how businesses can incorporate more sustainable practices—check out the Propulsion 2023 session "Sustainability: A Crisis Needing Leadership and Change."

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