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How a Shared Platform Accelerates Innovation (Savant Systems)

Episode 11. Rule 11: One Platform, One Vision. How Savant Systems out-innovates competitors with a holistic approach to product development.

In an all-new episode of The Platform Rules podcast, host Dario Ambrosini visits Savant Systems to chat with our guests Beth LeClerc (VP, Business Systems Architecture & Web Services) and Angie Larson (Senior VP, Service & Customer Operations).

Savant Systems, parent company of GE Lighting, is a leader in premium smart home and smart power solutions. Learn how they continue to out-innovate their competitors by harnessing three core elements: a clear vision, strategic partnership between business and IT, and a flawless customer experience.

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Valuable Takeaways:

1. Foster a seamless partnership between business and IT teams

2. Embrace a holistic approach to product development

3. Leverage data for informed business decisions

Key Insights:

ANGIE: "For the sales side of the business, and also service and support, we need to know what products are we servicing and supporting, but also what channels are you doing that in? So from the business side, there are lot of different things at play and we rely heavily on our IT team to help us manage all of those pieces."

BETH: "We tend to extend the way we think about a product far beyond its attributes... We put a lot of importance in understanding and setting the product category. So that as we sell it, develop it, manufacture it, whatever the end goal, it's supported by the vision."

ANGIE: "We err on the side of visibility. So we've built in simple things like preemptive notifications that say, "Hey, instead of shipping on May 7th, it's going to ship on May 8th." And the reason that we are highly exposing that data is because they may have an installer waiting on the job site to put that in."

BETH: "Leadership understands that some of what is being delivered to the customer doesn't just lie in black boxes or speakers or what have you. There's also these digital experiences that are drawn up from the get-go, and delivered by the IT teams. There's a value and an importance in those products that we're delivering as much as there is the hardware as well."

To hear more about Savant's incredible innovation, watch the Propulsion 2023 session featuring Beth and Angie, "Unlocking Business Value With Digital Transformation."

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