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How AI is Transforming the Manufacturing Industry (George Lawrie)

Episode 20. Rule 20: Delivering PLM Success in an AI-Obsessed World. The world is teeming with conversations about AI—but how often are they backed by Forrester research?

In the Season 2 finale of The Platform Rules podcast, Propel CEO Ross Meyercord speaks with George Lawrie, VP/Principal Analyst at Forrester. This episode originally aired as a webinar co-hosted with Forrester and Propel.

This one is for listeners ready to delve deep into the implications of AI for the manufacturing industry. The conversation centers on the risks and opportunities AI presents for manufacturers, best practices for PLM, and the critical need for safeguarding data while harnessing the power of AI.

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Valuable Takeaways:

1. Start with pilot AI projects and learn from them.

2. Leverage AI to assess component quality and mitigate risks.

3. Consider AI for context-specific market data.

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Key Insights:

On Innovating PLM Practices:

"PLM is not something locked in the basement. Now it's powering a customer-obsessed type of business, bringing customer-obsessed innovation value to the customer and the customer's customer. Yes, it depends on the platform you have, it depends on the partnerships that you have, but also the practices that you embrace."

On Connecting Solutions & People:

"All of these solutions, they need integration with different solutions. They need extensibility. They need built-in AI, not least around the UI and the experience for a very wide variety of different users. So not just engineers, not just people in procurement, but people in your channels, perhaps even directly your customers. All of that needs to be brought together."

On Using AI to Mitigate Risk:

"We've looked at mitigating strategies for adapting configurations to available components. In my discussions with clients, I noticed the route to market for semiconductors is usually quite an opaque web of multi-echelon distributors. There's a fantastic opportunity to use AI to clarify that. And one solution step would be to encourage more transparency about component availability."

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