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Propulsion 2024: Connecting in the New Cloud Era

With all there is to learn at this year’s Propulsion, it will be impossible to leave without a long list of actions and strategies to improve your business in 2024.

As the landscape of manufacturing and product innovation undergoes rapid transformation, Propulsion 2024 is designed to be a crucial nexus for forward-thinking professionals and businesses. 

The first in-person gathering in its history, Propulsion 2024 promises to unlock new horizons of growth, innovation, and competitive advantage. 

Here are the key themes on the agenda:

Leveraging AI and Data for Disruptive Innovation

At the forefront of this year's conference is the pivotal role of artificial intelligence (AI) in driving the new era of cloud PLM. Propel Software's CEO, Ross Meyercord, will share groundbreaking insights on harnessing the power of the cloud to open untapped market opportunities, enhance product innovation, and ensure a more responsive future.

The integration of AI and data analytics into the fabric of modern business strategies is a central theme of Propulsion 2024. IBM's Paul Zikopoulos will delve into how data-driven technology and AI can identify 'solvable problems,' paving the way for disruptive innovation and growth. 

The conversation around AI's role in enhancing corporate productivity and reshaping global manufacturing practices will be further enriched by insights from Professor Nitesh Chawla of the University of Notre Dame. His exploration into the practical applications of generative AI and machine learning will offer attendees a roadmap for harnessing these technologies to stay ahead in an increasingly data-driven world. 

Finally, we'll zoom in on the Health and Life Sciences (HLS) sector's rapid evolution, fueled in large part by AI and cloud innovations. Kevin Chien of Salesforce will unveil the transformative potential of the Salesforce Life Sciences Cloud, illustrating how Propel customers can leverage AI for unprecedented healthcare outcomes.

Explore the full agenda.

Success Stories and Digital Transformation Journeys

In a conference all about achieving next-level innovation, nothing is more valuable than hearing real stories from market leaders who did it themselves. Through in-depth sessions led by Propel customers, attendees will gain insights into real-world applications of the platform, illustrating how digital transformation and strategic innovation are driving business growth, enhancing productivity, and fostering industry leadership. 

These customer stories will illustrate how:

AMS Technologies achieved a 500% increase in engineering productivity

Tomasz Stefańczyk, Head of Engineering at AMS Technologies, will take us through AMS' journey from relying on spreadsheets to embracing an integrated digital ecosystem with Propel PLM. This transition resulted in a staggering 500% increase in engineering productivity. By extending their digital thread to connect CAD, ERP, CRM, PLM, and PIM systems, AMS Technologies achieved a unified source of truth from concept to customer. 

BekaertDeslee became a disruptor with a 100+ year history

In an industry brimming with innovative disruptors, 140-year-old BekaertDeslee stands out by leveraging digital transformation to maintain agility and drive profitable revenue growth. Dmitriy Geler, VP of Quality, NPI Engineering & Transformation, will share insights on fostering a culture of innovation and the direct correlation between digital transformation and revenue enhancement.

The Roadmap to Next-Gen Product Innovation

Finally, a highlight of the conference will be the unveiling of Propel Software's product roadmap with Chief Product Officer Eric Schrader. Attendees will get an exclusive look at the integration of AI with CAD and the strategic direction Propel is taking to ensure its platform remains at the cutting edge of product development technology.


Propulsion 2024 is more than just a conference; it's a commitment to leading the charge in innovation, digital transformation, and strategic growth. By bringing together industry leaders, visionaries, and practitioners, Propulsion 2024 offers a unique opportunity to gain insights, forge connections, and envision the future of your business in the cloud era.

Not to mention: Expert Roundtables where small groups can unpack valuable, actionable learnings from their experiences, Executive Exchanges for one-on-one face time with Propel senior executives, and a Chicago riverboat cruise to unwind after a big day of keynotes!

Register now to secure your spot at the forefront of industry transformation. Let's shape the cloud era together, embracing the technologies and strategies that will define the next chapter of manufacturing and product innovation. 

See you at Propulsion 2024!

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