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Introducing Converged: Where Product Innovation Meets Market Evolution

Welcome to Converged, a new resource to educate today’s product companies and help them achieve success. Converged is a community of the best industry minds exploring topics and sparking conversations that matter to this moment.

As Propel Software came to establish itself as a category leader, we looked for a place to contribute what we’d learned along the way, where relevant insight and practical solutions are shared. 

A hub where experts were writing about business and digital transformation, sharing product and manufacturing industry news, and relaying best practices and current learnings. Somewhere where a community was being formed.

We looked, but we couldn’t find it. (Spoiler alert: It didn't exist.)

From Category Leader to Thought Leader

In the past few years alone, we’ve seen a global pandemic, countless supply chain disruptions, climate chaos, and economic downturns.

Despite these headwinds, we observed innovative trends among our own customers and in the world of product manufacturing as a whole. We learned which tactics were helping certain product companies triumph amid turmoil.

In the spring of 2022, we took those learnings and introduced a new approach to product strategy—a new category entirely—called Product Value Management (PVM), the crux of which was to center the customer in product strategy.

For consumer goods and high tech companies, PVM enabled product and commercialization teams to join forces for the purpose of enhancing customer  experience. For medtech companies, patient experience was the same.

So here we are, after seven years of developing new solutions, observing trends, forming relationships with industry experts, and ultimately creating a new category. 

All we need now is a space to share all the insights we’ve gained.

We realized—if we’re already forging a new path in product value management—we may as well create this space ourselves.

A Name for Ourselves

Along with our strong partnership with Salesforce, we developed fruitful relationships with known industry influencers such as Acceleration Economy and Zero100

Thought leaders in the digital revolution such as Geoffrey Moore, Kirsten Allegri Williams, and Vala Afshar have guided our thinking and contributed to our current learnings.

Executives from across industries—medtech, high-tech, industrial equipment, consumer goods—were frequent guests and contributors to our podcasts and speakers at our annual gathering Propulsion.

Not to mention all the incisive, creative innovators we had right here in-house!

Clearly, we had no shortage of content. We really just needed a name.

From all these great minds and insightful conversations, we kept hearing the same message over and over again—regardless of industry, product success happens when product and commercialization teams converge on the customer.

We introduced a whole new product management category based on this trend. Why not name our new content hub after it?

Hello, Converged

Here you’ll find a community of contributors composed of industry experts and business leaders from inside and outside Propel. A distinct space for articles, podcasts, and videos speaking to and for product companies who are interested in driving innovation.

You’ll get carefully curated topics that matter in this moment in order to educate and inform. (All of which will be delivered directly to your inbox when you subscribe!)

Now that Converged is born, we see all its potential. Yes, we’ll explore the growing momentum of the customer-first revolution, but this is a space that can go much further.

A space where thought leadership meets innovation.

A space where industry expertise meets business leadership.

A space where supply chain meets digital transformation.

A space where community meets customer success.

A space where all things converge.

Converged exists to educate today's product companies. It's a community of the best industry minds exploring topics and sparking conversations that matter to this moment.

We're thrilled to invite you to read, watch, learn, and explore.

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Be'Anka Ashaolu
Former VP of Marketing, Propel

Be’Anka Ashaolu is an experienced marketing operations, content marketing, and demand generation leader who is obsessed with aligning talent and responsibilities to drive measurable results. She began her career in journalism before quickly moving into marketing technology, sales operations, and integrated campaign execution in the legal, cyber security, and retail analytics spaces. Be’Anka is constantly striving to balance productivity with effectiveness, meaning: her teams don’t just get stuff done – they get the right stuff done.

Fun Fact: Be’Anka is the Co-Founder and CMO of Nirvana Soul Coffee Purveyors in downtown San Jose. She owns the coffee company with her sister, Jeronica. The two are only 11 months apart in age!

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